Gangster Dog Names

Gangster Dog Names

Gangster Dog Names are a great way to show off your own unique style and personality when it comes to naming your pet. Gangster Dog Names can range anywhere from classic gangster names from the Prohibition days of the 1920s and 1930s to popular characters in hip-hop culture. Whether you want a classic gangster name for your pup or something more modern and unique, there is a wide selection of names to choose from. So, get creative and show off your own swagger by giving your pup a cool, original gangster name.

Gangster Dog Namesdog 7

If you’re looking for a cool, funny, or menacing name for your new pet, you may want to consider one of the many “Gangster Dog Names.” These names combine the attitude and swagger of the criminal underworld with the playfulness and innocence of man’s best friend. From classic mobsters like Gotti and Al Capone to contemporary slang terms like “G” and “Hitman,” there’s sure to be a name that fits your pup’s personality perfectly. With such a wide range of options to choose from, you can make sure that your pup’s name is truly one of a kind. Go ahead and pick something that reflects your pup’s badass side, after all, they deserve it.

Female Gangster Dog Names

  • Bonnie
  • Queenie
  • Cleo
  • Rebel
  • Burgundy
  • Thugette
  • Harley
  • Dagger
  • Sabra
  • Roxy

Gangster Dog Names Male

  • Boss
  • Spike
  • Gizmo
  • Rocky
  • Maverick
  • Chilly
  • Gunner
  • Bandit
  • Ace
  • Critter

Unique Gangster Names for Dogs

  • Al Capone: Named after the notorious Chicago mob kingpin, Al Capone.
  • Bugsy: Named after the Las Vegas crime kingpin.
  • Spike: A cool name often used to refer to gangsters in classic 1940s movies.
  • Gatsby: Named after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic character in The Great Gatsby.
  • Tony Montana: Named after the brash gangster in the movie Scarface.
  • Rocky: Popularized in the classic gangster movie, The Rocky series.
  • Scarface: Another name inspired by the famous movie.

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Gangster Dog Names From Moviesdog 3

  1. Magnum: This name was made popular in the movie ‘The Big Lebowski’ in which popular actor Jeff Bridges played the role of a small-time crime boss, The Dude.
  2. Ace: This name is usually used for any character that represents a cool, smart, and tough gangster in any movie. It was also the name of the main antagonist in ‘Reservoir Dogs’.
  3. Scarface: The classic movie ‘Scarface’ from 1983 became very popular for its portrayal of Al Pacino as Tony Montana, the iconic and gangster-like leader of the drug cartel.
  4. Tony Montana: As mentioned above, this name has become an iconic representation of a gangster in any movie.
  5. Marsellus Wallace: This is the name of the gang boss from the cult movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ from 1994. He was played by Ving Rhames and was a menacing, but entertaining character.
  6. Vito Corleone: Both the name and character made famous in one of the most iconic movies of all time, ‘The Godfather’. Marlon Brando played Don Corleone in two of the movies and his son, Vito, in the first one.
  7. D-Fens: This is the name given to the desperate and angry character played by Michael Douglas in the crime-thriller ‘Falling Down’ from 1992.
  8. Jules Winnfield: This is another classic name and character from ‘Pulp Fiction’. Jules is played by Samuel L. Jackson and serves as the enforcer of Marsellus Wallace.
  9. Jake: The name of the main character in the movie ‘L.A. Confidential’, played by Russell Crowe. Jake is a tough cop that gets caught up in the world of crime and corruption.
  10. GoodFellas: This is the iconic movie from 1990 that follows the life and criminal activities of Henry Hill. It is based on a true story and it features performances from some of the most renowned Hollywood actors of the time, including Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Italian Gangster Names for Dogs

  • Don Gio: Meaning “God of Gio”, this name is suitable for pooches with an air of confidence and flare.
  • Tony Spaghetti: Perfect for a pup who loves to eat, this name will make sure everyone remembers how awesome he is.
  • Vito Corleone: From The Godfather, this name is perfect for powerfully strong and courageous dogs.
  • Dante: After the infamous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, this name is great for a pup with noble aspirations.
  • Salvatore: Meaning “savior”, this makes an excellent name for a pup you can’t imagine living without.
  • Fedele: Meaning “faithful”, this name could be used to emphasize your pup’s loyalty.
  • Michele: Meaning “who is like God”, this name is befitting for a pup whose intelligence is divine.
  • Guido: Meaning “guide”, this name would be perfect for the pup that always knows exactly which direction to take.
  • Ricardo: Meaning “ruler”, this name is perfect for a pup who loves to be in charge.
  • Marino: Meaning “of the sea”, this name is great for a dog that loves the water.

Irish Gangster Names for Dogs

  • O’Malley: The classic Irish name for a gangster pup, O’Malley will bring a touch of mischief and fun to your home.
  • Killian: This name is taken from Irish folklore, which tells of a brave warrior who stood up to a band of robbers. Perfect for an ambitious pup full of confidence and ready to take on anything.
  • Cormac: Meaning “son of the charioteer” in Gaelic, this name is a classic pick for an eager-to-please pup.
  • Seamus: An old Irish name meaning “supplanter”, Seamus is an ideal fit for a pup who always leads the pack.
  • Finnegan: The timeless choice of a fighting man, Finnegan is an ideal name for a pup that loves to battle his furry enemies.
  • Rory: Meaning “red king”, this name is perfect for a pup that loves to boss his friends around.
  • Cassidy: Taken from Irish folklore, this name means “clever” and would be a great fit for a pup that loves a good game of chess.
  • Clancy: This classic Irish name means “red warrior” and is a great choice for a pup that has a daring, spunky attitude.
  • Sullivan: This name is taken from an Irish family name, and is often used in movies and other media to denote a strong, tough character.
  • Tierney: This Irish word means “lord” and so is perfect for a pup who thinks he runs the show in your home.

Mexican Gangster Names for Dogs

  • Chihuahua Marquez – This classic Mexican gangster name is perfect for the small but feisty breed.
  • Maximo Peligroso – This name is perfect for an intimidating and badass doggie.
  • El Rey – Short for El Rey de la Calle, this intimidating name is perfect for your fearless pup.
  • El Macho – This one rolls off the tongue and has a strong, impressive sound.
  • Don Sergio – This name has a strong, old-world feel, and is perfect for a dignified dog.
  • Lupo de la Banda – This name oozes Mexican gangster swagger.
  • Capitan Loco – This name would fit perfectly on an adventurous and mischievous pup.
  • Pablo Azulin – This name has a smooth and motley feel and is perfect for any cool canine.
  • Primo Fiero – This is an awesome choice for a tough and loyal pup.
  • Chivis El Renegado – This classic name references the traditional street-style Mexican gangsters.

Latin Gangster Names for Dogs

  • Al Capone: This name is based on the famous Italian-American mobster, Al Capone. It’s perfect for a noble-looking pup with a heart of gold.
  • Rico: Ricardo is the Flemings’ Spanish equivalent of the classic Italian name, Rico. Perfect for a loyal, brave pup.
  • Dom: Short for the Latin word domino, this playful name is perfect for a dog who loves to play games.
  • Lola: Meaning ‘lady’, this name is perfect for a regal pup.
  • Esmeralda: Meaning ‘emerald’, it’s a gorgeous name to give a pup with eyes to match.
  • Angelito: Angelito is Spanish for ‘little angel’. Perfect for a gentle pup who loves to be cuddled.
  • Ramon: Meaning ‘wise protector’, Ramon is perfect for a helpful pup who likes to stay close to his family.
  • Milo: Latin for ‘soldier’, Milo is perfect for a dog who loves to lead the pack.
  • Chico: Meaning ‘little boy’, this is the perfect name for a pup who is full of puppy energy.
  • Ricardo: From the Spanish word for ‘strong ruler’, Ricardo is a great name for a pup who is a leader in waiting.

Russian Gangster Names for Dogs

  • Sergei – This is the perfect Russian gangster name for a tough pup.
  • Boris – This classic gangster name is sure to bring to mind organized crime.
  • Vadim – From the Russian word for “ruler,” this is a great name for an alpha pup.
  • Kostya – This classic gangster name was once used by notorious Russian mafia bosses.
  • Ivan – This name is often associated with Russia, and it works well for your pup.
  • Nikolai – Nikolai or Nico for short, this is the perfect Russian gangster name for your pup.
  • Pyotr – This strong, classic name is great for any Russian gangster pup.
  • Vasilii – This variation of the classic Russian name, Vasily, is a great option for a pup.
  • Yakov – Perfect for a pup from a highly-feared gangster family.
  • Emil – This classic Russian name means “industrious” and is perfect for a pup who loves a good adventure.

Drug Dealer Dog Namesdog 4

  1. Coke: This name might be an obvious choice, but it is perfect for any pup who loves its owner to death.
  2. High Roller: This name is perfect for a pup that loves to flash the cash.
  3. Bling: This name is sure to stand out among all of the other dogs in town.
  4. Bandit: This name is great for the pup who loves to help themselves to whatever appears unguarded.
  5. Drugstore Cowboy: This name is perfect for the pup who loves to go on drug-filled adventures.
  6. Pusher: This is the perfect moniker for the pup who loves to get their owners to buy them things.
  7. Ice: This name is for the pup who can remain cool in even the toughest situations.
  8. Gremlin: This name is perfect for a pup who loves to cause a bit of trouble.
  9. Re-up: This is an excellent name for a pup who always seems to need more of whatever they need most.
  10. Suspect: This name is perfect for the pup that always seems to be getting into mischief.

How to Choose the Perfect Gangster Name for Your Dog?

  • Pick an iconic gangster name: Look to popular gangster movies and TV shows for inspiration. Choose a name from a timeless fictional crook.
  • Choose an appropriate breed: Not all breeds are suited to a particular name. Consider breeds that better reflect the streetwise badass gangster image or character type.
  • Consider a physical attribute or quirk: Characteristics such as ‘snarls a lot’ or ‘ruffs up easily’ can point to a great gangster moniker for the perfect pup.
  • Play on words: Gangsters often have nicknames that play on similar words or sounds. Vinnie the Chihuahua, anyone?
  • Cute names, too! Not every dog has to have a tough name. If you want to give your canine companion a more adorable name, try something cuddly or pun-y.
  • Think of your pup’s unique personality: Perhaps your pup is a bit more laid back or goofy – there are plenty of names that may reflect this personality.
  • Don’t forget your pet’s age: For an older pup, perhaps an old-school, mob-style name would be best. For younger dogs, something fun or clever might be more suitable.
  • Consider your relationship with the pup: If you expect your pup to be protective, go with a name that reflects that. If your pup is often curious and laid-back, a gentler name might be more appropriate.

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Q. What are some gangster dog names?

A. Gangster dog names are typically based on gangster slang, fashion, and lifestyle. Examples of gangster dog names could include Rico, Scarface, Biggie, Gotti, Trigger, Monster, Shady, Bam-Bam, Bling-Bling, Chico, and Guido.

Q. What is a strong name for a dog?

A. A strong name for a dog could be a name that conveys strength, confidence, and power, such as Atlas, Titan, Zeus, Thor, Odin, or Valkyrie.

Q. What do rappers name their dogs?

A. Rappers often choose unique and creative names for their pets to reflect their personalities and interests. Popular choices often include references to their favorite rap songs or celebrities, puns on their own names, and references to other urban cultures such as money, bling, and cars.


Gangster dog names are a great option for anyone looking to give their pup a unique and funny name that reflects their personality. From convict-themed monikers to more whimsical dog names inspired by organized crime, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of subtle nicknames like Scarface or grandiose titles like Big Boss, there’s sure to be a gangster dog name that’s perfect for your pup.

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