Fishing Dog Names: 200 Best Picks

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. It involves catching fish using various methods such as angling, netting, spearfishing, and trapping. For many avid fishermen, their furry companions are often their loyal and trusted fishing buddies. These dogs not only provide companionship on long fishing trips but also assist in retrieving fish and keeping an eye out for dangers in the water. As such, it is only fitting to give these faithful pups fishing-inspired names.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 200 best fishing dog names to help you find the perfect name for your four-legged fishing companion. These names are inspired by different aspects of fishing, including types of fish, fishing equipment, and popular fishing locations. Whether you have a Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, or any other breed, you are sure to find a suitable name that will showcase your love for fishing and your furry friend. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of fishing dog names!

Fishing Dog Names: 200 Best PicksFishing Dog Names

  1. Bait
  2. Tackle
  3. Reel
  4. Lure
  5. Hook
  6. Net
  7. Rod
  8. Tuna
  9. Salmon
  10. Trout
  11. Bass
  12. Flounder
  13. Snapper
  14. Carp
  15. Catfish
  16. Pike
  17. Walleye
  18. Marlin
  19. Swordfish
  20. Shark
  21. Sardine
  22. Haddock
  23. Cod
  24. Octopus
  25. Crab
  26. Shrimp
  27. Lobster
  28. Squid
  29. Guppy
  30. Goldfish
  31. Koi
  32. Minnow
  33. Perch
  34. Mackerel
  35. Sockeye
  36. Bowfin
  37. Sturgeon
  38. Jellyfish
  39. Seahorse
  40. Herring
  41. Pikelet
  42. Mullet
  43. Pollock
  44. Oyster
  45. Caviar
  46. Clam
  47. Mussel
  48. Scallop
  49. Eel
  50. Starfish
  51. Lobelia
  52. Wrasse
  53. Fluke
  54. Goby
  55. Tadpole
  56. Polliwog
  57. Crawfish
  58. Bullhead
  59. Kelpie
  60. Anchovy
  61. Cuttlefish
  62. Dorado
  63. Dory
  64. Garfish
  65. Halibut
  66. Pearly
  67. Pompano
  68. Rockfish
  69. Sandpiper
  70. Sawfish
  71. Surfperch
  72. Thresher
  73. Trigger
  74. Whiting
  75. Bonito
  76. Brook
  77. Bream
  78. Dolphin
  79. Grouper
  80. Halcyon
  81. Lemon
  82. Lettuce
  83. Melanoma
  84. Mulberry
  85. Nemo
  86. Otter
  87. Pebble
  88. Puffer
  89. Raven
  90. Sharkbait
  91. Skate
  92. Snapper
  93. Star
  94. Stickleback
  95. Tadpole
  96. Waverly
  97. Bluegill
  98. Bubble
  99. Clownfish
  100. Cutthroat
  101. Damsel
  102. Diver
  103. Finley
  104. Gill
  105. Hardy
  106. Island
  107. Jaws
  108. Kingfish
  109. Loggerhead
  110. Manta
  111. Mirage
  112. Moby
  113. Narwhal
  114. Oarfish
  115. Ocean
  116. Oceania
  117. Orca
  118. Pearl
  119. Piranha
  120. Poseidon
  121. Reef
  122. Riptide
  123. Seafarer
  124. Shipmate
  125. Skipper
  126. Sonar
  127. Splash
  128. Starfish
  129. Neptune
  130. Nautical
  131. Oceanus
  132. Sunfish
  133. Sushi
  134. Swordfish
  135. Tropic
  136. Treasure
  137. Trident
  138. Tuna
  139. Turtle
  140. Wave
  141. Whaler
  142. Yacht
  143. Anchor
  144. Aqua
  145. Ariel
  146. Bay
  147. Beachcomber
  148. Biscuit
  149. Catch
  150. Castaway
  151. Catamaran
  152. Clammy
  153. Deep Sea
  154. Diving
  155. Driftwood
  156. Fisherman
  157. Fishing
  158. Float
  159. Flounder
  160. Glimmer
  161. Harbor
  162. Haven
  163. High Tide
  164. Hooker
  165. Hooked
  166. Inlet
  167. Jetty
  168. Kayak
  169. Kingfisher
  170. Knotty
  171. Lake
  172. Lantern
  173. Lobster
  174. Marina
  175. Maritime
  176. Marlin
  177. Misty
  178. Mussel
  179. Navigator
  180. Ocean Breeze
  181. Oyster
  182. Pelican
  183. Pier
  184. Pilot
  185. Pintail
  186. Polaris
  187. Pool
  188. Pontoon
  189. Poseidon
  190. Puddle
  191. Quay
  192. Raft
  193. Reeling
  194. Rigging
  195. River
  196. Sailing
  197. Saltwater
  198. Sandbar
  199. Seafarer
  200. Seashell


50 Fishing Dog Names Male

  1. Finley – after the fin of a fish
  2. Hunter – for their skill in catching prey
  3. Wade – for wading in the water while fishing
  4. Guppy – a type of small, colorful fish
  5. Lure – a type of bait used for fishing
  6. Pike – a type of freshwater fish
  7. Samson – meaning “sun” or “fish” in Hebrew
  8. Moby – after the famous white whale from the novel “Moby Dick”
  9. Gill – a fish’s respiratory organ
  10. Marlin – a large game fish
  11. Storm – for rough waters and challenging fishing conditions
  12. Bass – a popular freshwater fish
  13. Ocean – a great source of fishing opportunities
  14. Dexter – meaning “right-handed” or “skilled” in Latin
  15. Salmon – a prized sport and food fish
  16. Shore – a common fishing location
  17. Tuna – a fast-swimming and valuable fish
  18. Beau – meaning “handsome” in French
  19. Skipper – a term for the captain of a boat
  20. Trout – a popular freshwater game fish
  21. Sailor – for those who fish from a boat
  22. Cod – a widely sought-after commercial fish
  23. Neptune – the Roman god of the sea and fishing
  24. Koi – a type of colorful and ornamental carp
  25. Captain – a title often given to experienced fishermen
  26. Maverick – for those who fish in unconventional ways
  27. Snapper – a highly prized and flavorful fish
  28. Reef – a type of underwater structure often used for fishing
  29. Blaze – for a fiery and enthusiastic fisherman
  30. Dolphin – a friendly and intelligent marine creature
  31. Brooks – a peaceful and serene name for nature lovers
  32. Orca – a powerful and majestic predatory whale
  33. Sunfish – a unique and quirky-looking fish
  34. Hunter – for their fierce and dedicated approach to fishing
  35. Tide – the rising and falling of water levels that affect fishing
  36. Sebaste – a type of deep-sea fish also known as a “redfish”
  37. Maverick – for adventurous and free-spirited fishermen
  38. Flounder – a flat and bottom-dwelling fish
  39. Reef – a popular and important fishing location
  40. Maverick – for those who think outside the box when fishing
  41. Snook – a prized game fish found in coastal waters
  42. Oceanus – the Greek god of the sea and fishing
  43. Bassett – meaning “little bass” in French
  44. Buffalo – a large, freshwater fish found in North America
  45. Fisher – a simple name for a fishing dog
  46. Cayman – another term for an alligator used in some fishing regions
  47. Sailfish – a popular game fish known for its fighting abilities
  48. Sailor – for those who enjoy fishing from a boat
  49. Wharf – a structure used for fishing and docking boats
  50. Sprat – a small and commonly used bait fish.

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50 Fishing Dog Names Female

  1. Minnow – after the small fish often used as bait
  2. Luna – meaning “moon” in Latin, perfect for night fishing
  3. Finley – inspired by fish fins
  4. Roxy – short for “rockfish”
  5. Willow – after the graceful willow tree often found near fishing spots
  6. Guppy – after the small, brightly colored fish
  7. Sunny – for those sunny days spent fishing
  8. Salmon – after the popular fish species
  9. Sadie – meaning “princess,” perfect for a pampered fishing pup
  10. Marina – inspired by the places where boats, and often fishing, take place
  11. Coral – for those who love to fish in tropical waters
  12. River – after the bodies of water where many fish can be found
  13. Bait – a classic fishing term that works well as a name
  14. Pearl – after the precious gem found in oysters, a type of shellfish
  15. Dakota – meaning “friendly one,” for a dog who loves to make new fishing buddies
  16. Olive – after the greenish color of many freshwater fishing spots
  17. Stormy – for a dog who loves to fish in rough weather
  18. Reef – after the underwater structures that attract many types of fish
  19. Coraline – a unique twist on the name Coral
  20. Skipper – after the captain of a fishing boat
  21. Koi – after the popular and colorful fish species
  22. Marina – meaning “of the sea,” perfect for a fishing pup
  23. Delta – after the area where a river meets the ocean, often a prime fishing spot
  24. Shelly – inspired by seashells often collected on fishing trips
  25. Oceana – for a dog who loves deep-sea fishing
  26. Rocky – after the rocky shorelines where many fishermen cast their lines
  27. Tackle – another classic fishing term that makes a unique name
  28. Perch – after the tasty fish often caught while ice fishing
  29. Blue – after the blue waters of the ocean, perfect for a water-loving pup
  30. Marina – for a dog who loves to hang out at the marina while their owner fishes
  31. Nemo – after the famous animated fish who went on an adventurous journey
  32. Shrimp – another popular bait and a cute name for a small fishing pup
  33. Harbor – a peaceful place where boats and fishing often take place
  34. Dory – after the type of boat used for fishing in the movie Finding Nemo
  35. Daria – a unique twist on the name Dory
  36. Skipper – another nautical-inspired name
  37. Trout – after the fish species popular among anglers
  38. Star – after the star-shaped scales of the popular starry flounder fish
  39. Bay – perfect for a fishing pup who loves to spend time at the bay
  40. Amber – inspired by the amber-colored water often found in fishing spots
  41. Calypso – after the sea nymph in Greek mythology who loved to sing and dance
  42. Coral – a pretty and unique name for a female fishing dog
  43. Sandy – after the sandy beaches often found near fishing spots
  44. Rainbow – inspired by the colorful fish and the beautiful rainbows often seen over the water
  45. Lure – another fishing term that makes for an interesting name
  46. Surf – for a dog who loves to fish by the ocean waves
  47. Sable – after the dark color of many baitfish
  48. Sapphire – inspired by the beautiful blue gemstone, perfect for a fishing pup with striking blue eyes
  49. Marina – a versatile name for a dog who loves all types of fishing
  50. Shell – after the shells often found on the beach or in the water, and a cute name for a female fishing dog.

50 Funny Fishing Dog Names

  1. Flounder – for a fluffy dog who loves to swim like a fish.
  2. Bass – for a pup who loves to catch big fish.
  3. Squid – for a playful dog who loves to make a splash.
  4. Carp – for a dog who enjoys lounging by the water.
  5. Bait – for a sneaky dog who steals the catch of the day.
  6. Bluegill – for a goofy dog with big, round eyes.
  7. Tuna – for a speedy dog who always catches their prey.
  8. Sardine – for a small dog with a big bark.
  9. Shark – for a fierce and determined dog.
  10. Nemo – for a colorful and adventurous pup.
  11. Guppy – for a cute and tiny dog who loves to play.
  12. Harpoon – for a dog who never misses a catch.
  13. Catfish – for a mischievous dog who loves to hide.
  14. Shrimp – for a small and spunky dog.
  15. Lobster – for a strong and determined dog.
  16. Minnow – for a small and energetic pup.
  17. Pike – for a powerful and competitive dog.
  18. Marlin – for a dog who loves to swim and explore.
  19. Trout – for a dog who loves to jump and catch fish.
  20. Salmon – for a dog with a sleek coat and a love for water.
  21. Haddock – for a goofy and lovable dog.
  22. Perch – for a dog who loves to hang out by the water’s edge.
  23. Walleye – for a dog with unique coloring and a love for fishing.
  24. Swordfish – for a dog who is always ready for an adventure.
  25. Jellyfish – for a dog with a fluffy and wiggly personality.
  26. Mackerel – for a fast and skilled dog.
  27. Snapper – for a dog who loves to snap at insects by the water.
  28. Trouty McTroutface – for a dog who is truly a fish out of water.
  29. Grouper – for a dog who loves to explore the depths of the water.
  30. Clownfish – for a playful and energetic pup.
  31. Wahoo – for a dog who is always on the move.
  32. Manta – for a graceful and elegant dog.
  33. Kraken – a big and powerful dog who loves to swim.
  34. Nautilus – for a curious and intelligent pup.
  35. Angler – for a dog who loves to fish and be outdoors.
  36. Chum – for a dog who loves to snack and never turns down a treat.
  37. Whiskers – for a dog with a long and fluffy coat.
  38. Swimmy – for a dog who is a natural in the water.
  39. Gulliver – for a dog who loves to travel and explore different bodies of water.
  40. Bubbles – for a bubbly and playful dog.
  41. Tide – for a dog who is always by your side.
  42. Goldie – for a dog with a golden personality and love for water.
  43. Seaweed – for a dog who loves to roll around and get dirty.
  44. Flipper – for a dog who loves to play and show off their tricks.
  45. Noodle – for a fun-loving and silly dog.
  46. Captain – for a dog who takes control and leads the way.
  47. Surfer – for a dog who loves to ride the waves and catch fish.
  48. Splash – for a dog who loves to make a splash and get everyone wet.
  49. Trawler – for a dog who loves to search and uncover hidden treasures.
  50. Shelby – for a dog who loves to collect shells by the water.

Fishing-Related Dog Names And MeaningFISH 1

  1. Tackle – a fishing term referring to equipment used to catch fish.
  2. Reel – a fishing term referring to the rotating spool used to hold a fishing line.
  3. Hook – a fishing term referring to the sharp tool used to catch fish.
  4. Lure – a fishing term referring to an artificial bait used to attract fish.
  5. Fly – a fishing term referring to a lightweight lure made to look like an insect.
  6. Reba (short for Rainbow Trout) – a type of fish commonly caught while fly fishing.
  7. Bait – a fishing term referring to any food or substance used to attract fish.
  8. Netty (short for Cast Net) – a type of fishing net thrown by hand to catch fish.
  9. Fin – a fishing term referring to the vertical part of a fish’s tail used to propel it through the water.
  10. Gill – a fishing term referring to the respiratory organ of a fish used for gas exchange.
  11. Bass – a type of fish commonly targeted by anglers.
  12. Tug – a fishing term referring to the sensation of a fish pulling on the line.
  13. Wader – a type of waterproof clothing worn by fishermen who wade into the water.
  14. Marlin – a large and prized game fish known for its fighting abilities.
  15. Kayak – a small, narrow boat used for fishing in shallow waters.
  16. Guppy – a small, colorful fish often used as bait or kept in home aquariums.
  17. Streamer – a type of fly fishing lure designed to imitate baitfish.
  18. Seine – a type of fishing net used to catch fish in rivers or shallow coastal waters.
  19. Mackerel – a type of fish commonly found in the open ocean and targeted by offshore anglers.
  20. Anchor – a device used to secure a fishing boat in a specific location.

Offshore Fishing Dog Names

  1. Sailor
  2. Marlin
  3. Bait
  4. Reel
  5. Floater
  6. Tackle
  7. Anchor
  8. Castaway
  9. Seafarer
  10. Wave Rider

Hunting And Fishing Dog Names

  1. Scout
  2. Ranger
  3. Hunter
  4. Maverick
  5. Stella
  6. Remington
  7. Duke
  8. Bear
  9. Cooper
  10. Finn

How Do I Pick My Dog’s NameFISH 2

  1. Consider your dog’s appearance: You can choose a name based on your dog’s physical characteristics. For example, if your dog has a white coat, you might consider naming them Snowball or Marshmallow.
  2. Think about their personality: Your dog’s personality can also inspire their name. If they are energetic and playful, you could choose a name like Bounce or Turbo. If they are calm and laid-back, you could go with a name like Zen or Chill.
  3. Look for inspiration in pop culture: You can get ideas for names from books, movies, TV shows, and even songs. For example, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you might consider naming your dog Luna after the character Luna Lovegood.
  4. Consider their breed: Some dog breeds have unique characteristics or origins that can be incorporated into their name. For instance, you could name your Afghan Hound Taj or your German Shepherd Kaiser.
  5. Use a name that is easy to say: Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and short enough to be easily recognized by your dog. Avoid names that sound similar to common dog commands like “sit” or “stay.”
  6. Avoid names that sound similar to other pets or family members: Avoid choosing a name that sounds similar to your other pets or family members to avoid confusion.
  7. Involve your family: If you have a family, involve them in the decision-making process. Have each family member suggest a few names and then vote on the favorite.
  8. Consider the meaning: Some dog owners like to choose names with meanings that reflect their dog’s personality or traits. For example, if your dog is loyal and protective, you could name them Faith or Guardian.
  9. Experiment with different names: Try saying different names out loud to see how they sound and if your dog responds positively. If your dog doesn’t seem to like a certain name, it may be best to go with a different option.
  10. Finalize your decision: Once you have a list of potential names, narrow it down to your top three favorites and spend some time getting to know your dog to determine which name suits them best. Remember, your dog’s name is a reflection of their personality, so choose one that feels right for both of you.

What Should I Name My Water Dog?

If you’re looking for a name for your new water dog, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some popular names for water dogs include Splash, Soggy, Puddle, Drip, Ripple, and River. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you could try names like Aquarius, Naiad, Siren, or Mer-dog. For something light-hearted, names like H2Oscar, Mr. Spillypants, or Dr. Drencher might fit the bill. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a name that you love and that suits your new furry friend.

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Q. What are the best fishing names for dogs?

A. When it comes to fishing-themed names for dogs, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some popular choices include Hook, Rod, Reel, Wader, Net, Lure, Pike, and Perch. For something a little more creative, you could try names like Captain Nemo, Admiral Ackbar, or Gill-bert. You could also take inspiration from famous fishing spots like Yellowstone or the Great Lakes.

Q. What is the best hunting dog name?

A. For a hunting dog name, you’ll want something that’s both unique and rugged. Some popular choices include Buck, Bear, Arrow, Tracker, Arrowhead, Mossy, Blaze, Timber, or Gunner. If you want something a little more creative, you could try names like Duckworth, Magnum, Clayshot, or Magnum Opus. And don’t forget to consider the dog’s personality when choosing a name. A friendly and lovable pup might be a better fit for a name like Pointer, Pheasant, or Widgeon.

Q. What kind of fish has a name dog in it?

A. Several kinds of fish have “dogs” in their names. Perhaps the most well-known is the dogfish shark, which is a member of the shark family and can be found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. There’s also the dogtooth tuna, which is a species of tuna that can grow up to 10 feet long. The African dogfish, also known as the tope shark, is a species of shark that’s found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans.


Fishing dog names are a unique and fun way to pay tribute to your love of fishing while also honoring your furry companion. With options ranging from popular fish species to fishing equipment and techniques, there are plenty of creative and meaningful choices to choose from. Whether you have a new puppy or want to rename your loyal fishing buddy, these 200 best picks are sure to make a splash. So go ahead and cast your line, and you’re sure to reel in the perfect fishing dog name for your four-legged friend.

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