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Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit

Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit is an all-in-one starter kit designed to help provide a healthy environment for your pet turtle or other aquatic reptiles. The kit includes a tank, filtration system, light, heating lamp, and other accessories to create the ideal home for your turtle. It also includes water care items and care instructions to help ensure your turtle is healthy and happy. The Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit is the perfect way to get your pet turtle off to a great start.

 Petsmart Turtles Tank Kittank

The Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit is a great way to get all the necessary items for setting up a successful turtle tank. It includes an aquarium, basking platform, turtle food, water conditioner, filter system, and lighting. The tank is 16 gallons in size and is ideal for housing one medium-sized turtle. The basking platform provides a comfortable spot for your pet to warm up and bask under the included 50-watt bulb. The included filter system is an energy-efficient way to keep the tank clean and the water fresh and clean. The tank also comes with additional surface and under-gravel filter systems that help to improve the quality of the water. Finally, the package comes with turtle food specially formulated for the health of your turtle.

What Are Turtles Tank Kit?

Turtle Tank Kits are a complete set of supplies necessary to keep a pet turtle safe, healthy, and happy. The kit includes a tank, filters, a basking platform, a thermostat, lighting, food, and other supplies. These kits provide the necessary environment for pet turtles to thrive, including water temperature regulation, filtration, and proper habitat decor.

Should Turtle Tanks Have Gravel?

Turtle tanks should have gravel for a number of different reasons. The gravel serves as a substrate that the turtle can dig its claws into for activity, and it also acts as a filter for the tank, trapping dirt and debris and making it easier to clean the tank. Gravel also mimics a natural environment for the turtle, providing it with a place to explore and hiding places as it would in a natural body of water. Finally, adding gravel to your turtle tank is beneficial for water chemistry because it helps maintain natural pH levels as well as provides calcium to the turtle.

What Does A Turtle Need In Its Tank?tank 1

A turtle tank needs to provide the turtle with a warm, comfortable, and safe environment. This means that the tank should include both land and water areas, as well as a filter system to keep the water clean. The water needs to be heated to a temperature that is suitable for the species and changed regularly. The tank should also have basking areas with strong UVB lighting, such as a UVB tube or strip light which is essential for the turtle’s health. There should also be plenty of areas with hiding spots and a suitable substrate for digging. Finally, natural or artificial plants should be added to the tank to create a more natural habitat.

How Big Of A Tank Do I Need For A Turtle?

The size of the tank you need for a turtle depends on what kind of turtle you intend to keep. For most aquatic turtles, a 40-gallon or larger aquarium is the minimum recommended size. Terrestrial or land-dwelling turtles should be kept in a terrarium of at least 40 gallons as well. The size of the tank or terrarium can vary depending on how many turtles you plan to keep, as well as the species of turtle. All tanks or terrariums should provide enough space for the turtles to move around, as well as enough vegetation and water to create a healthy environment. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that whatever type of enclosure you choose is large enough so that your turtle can’t escape.

How Much Are Turtles at Petsmart?turtle 3

The cost of a turtle at Petsmart will vary depending on the type, size, and age of the turtle. Smaller varieties, such as red-eared sliders or Russian Tortoises, may cost anywhere between $20 and $50 each. Medium-sized turtles, such as African Side-necked Turtles, can range from $50 to $150. Large turtles, like Sulcata Tortoises, may cost around $150 and up. Additionally, you will need to factor in the cost of accessories like a habitat, food, and other supplies.

Different Types of Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit

Turtles come in several different sizes, shapes, and colors, and the cost for them at Petsmart can vary greatly.

Smaller breeds of turtles, such as box turtles, musk turtles, and red-eared sliders, typically range in price from about $50 to around $150. The cost of these turtles will depend on their age, size, and color.

The cost of larger breeds of turtles, such as snapping turtles and softshell turtles, is typically more expensive than smaller breeds and can range from around $150 to $500. Again, the price for these turtles will depend on their age, size, and color.

Petsmart also offers special breeds of turtles, such as Sulcata Tortoises, that can sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars. The cost of these turtles can vary greatly depending on size, age, and color.

In addition, Petsmart may offer discounts on turtles from time to time, so it is always wise to check the store in order to get the best deal.

What Kind Of Tank Does A Turtle Need?

Turtles need a tank that is large enough to provide plenty of room to move around. It should also have a space for basking and an area filled with water, such as an aquarium. The water should be filtered and should be kept clean and at room temperature. Be sure to choose a tank that has a lid as some turtles love to try to escape. Also, the tank needs to receive a good amount of natural light so your turtle should have plenty of places to hide and explore spots.

Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit Priceturtle 2

The price of a Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit will depend on the size of the tank kit you purchase. A 10-gallon tank kit, which includes a tank, a basking platform, a pump to circulate the water, filter media, basking light, heat lamp, thermometer, a water conditioner, and turtle food, for a single turtle runs around $60. A larger 20-gallon kit, which also includes the same items mentioned above, runs around $130. The prices may vary slightly depending on your location.

Different Types of Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit

  • Starter Kit – Starter kits are perfect for those just starting out with turtle care. They include everything you need to set up and maintain a basic turtle habitat, such as a 10–20 gallon tank, a water filter, a heater, a thermometer, and a basking light.
  • Deluxe Kit – Deluxe kits are suited for those with a bit more experience in turtle care. They contain larger tanks (typically 20–30 gallons) and more elaborate filtration systems. In addition to the equipment mentioned in starter kits, deluxe kits include background decorations, water conditioners, and UVB lights.
  • Complete Kit – If you’re looking for the ultimate turtle care package, look no further than the complete kit. This option typically includes everything needed to get the tank up and running, including a large tank (40+ gallons), special substrate, decorations, and powerful filtration systems. Complete kits also include specialized items such as basking ladders and turtle docks, which are necessary for proper turtle care.

Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit With Stand

A Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit With Stand is an all-inclusive kit designed to make keeping a pet turtle an easier and more affordable experience. The kit includes a 30-gallon aquarium with a matching stand, a UVB light and lamp, a filtration system, a basking lamp and basking platform, a heater, and the required water conditioners and additives. It also includes decorative aquarium décor such as gravel, rocks, plants, and other items. This kit provides turtles with a secure, comfortable environment and all the necessary components to keep them healthy.

Where To Put A Turtles Tank In The Houseturtle

A good place for a turtle’s tank in the house is in an area that is quiet and away from direct sunlight. Turtles need darkness for a period of time each day so try to avoid placing the tank in a room that has a lot of traffic or noise. Turtles require temperatures in the range of 64 to 75°F and a strong light so they can properly digest their food. Consider an area of the house that doesn’t get too hot in the summer months and remains cool in the winter. Depending on the time of year, supplementing natural light with a high-temperature lamp may be necessary. Additionally, a turtle’s tank should always be placed on a flat surface to avoid spilling.

How A Turtles Tank Should Look Like

A turtle tank should be set up in a way that mimics the natural environment of the turtle. The size of the tank should be appropriate to the size and species of the turtle. The tank should contain a substrate such as gravel, large river rocks, or sand. It should also contain items such as a floating dock, basking platforms, cave shelters, rocks, and fresh natural plants. The water should be filtered, with trapped particles removed. The filter should be sized appropriately to the size of the tank. UV and Heat lamps must be installed to create a basking environment. The water should be lightly salted and maintained at the proper temperature. Turtles naturally like to explore, so space for that should be provided. The tank should also provide hiding spots and places to explore. Also, it should be kept free from overcrowding, so turtles are not stressed.

Tips To Set Up Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit

  • Place the Tank: Consider where you would like to place the turtle’s tank. Consider proximity to natural light since turtles need at least 12 hours of light daily. Additionally, ensure the tank is located in an area that is far from any loud or heavy activity.
  • Maintain Temperature: The water needs to be kept at temperatures ranging from 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the air around the tank should be kept from 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. A heating lamp and a thermometer are important accessories. Do not use a lightbulb to heat the tank as it can be dangerous.
  • Add Gravel and Plants: Gravel serves to keep the turtle’s environment clean and provides a space for them to hide. Plants are also a great addition as they give much-needed oxygen to the water supply and offer great hiding places for the turtles.
  • Add Rocks or Coral: If you are opting for the tank setup, you may wish to consider adding rocks and coral to the tank. This will offer the turtles more places to hide and also add an extra bit of natural oomph.
  • Set Up filtration: Filtration is important for the tank as it helps to keep the water clean and free from bacteria. Choose a filter that is suitable for the size and type of tank.

Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit Reviews

Overall, most customers are happy with their purchase. Numerous customers have praised the tank’s quality, as well as the included accessories, such as the filter. Many customers stated that they found the tank to be relatively easy to set up and maintain. Additionally, many customers reported that their pet turtles lived comfortably in their Petsmart Turtle Tank Kit for many years. Despite the positive customer reviews, there were some complaints concerning the size of the tank. Several customers stated that the tank was too small for their turtle and that they had to upgrade to larger tanks after a few months. Additionally, a few customers noted that the instructions included with the tank were unclear and difficult to understand.


Q. Why does my turtle tank keep turning green?

A. Green algae growth in a turtle tank is usually caused by an excess of light, excessive nutrients (such as fish waste, and uneaten food), or an imbalance in the pH or nitrate levels. To fix the issue, use a rake or a scrubbing pad to physically remove the algae from the sides of the tank. Additionally, reduce the amount of light on the tank and make sure the tank has good filtration to keep the water clean.

Q. Do turtle tanks smell?

A. Turtle tanks can smell if the water is not changed and the tank is not cleaned regularly. Bacterial buildup, decaying food, and detergents used to clean the tank can cause an unpleasant odor.

Q. Does a turtle tank need a lid?

A. Yes, a turtle tank needs a lid to contain the humidity and heat in the tank while keeping curious fingers and dirty water out. Additionally, lids help provide security for pet turtles so they don’t escape, won’t be snatched away by predators in the environment, and discourage them from surfing the couch or countertops.

Q. What turtle needs the smallest tank?

A. Turtle species that are considered ‘small’ in size, such as the musk or mud turtle, can be kept in tanks as small as 10 gallons. However, it is important to note that while smaller tanks are easier to maintain and provide less space for turtles to explore and swim, larger tanks provide more space and allow them to remain healthier in the long run.


In conclusion, the Petsmart Turtles Tank Kit is an excellent choice for maintaining healthy turtle habitats. It contains all the basic requirements for a good turtle home, and the accessories can be customized to suit the individual hobbyist’s needs. The kit also includes helpful tips and advice on caring for pet turtles. The tank, filtration, and lighting components are all high quality and should last for many years. The price for the kit is reasonable and the variety of sizes available makes it a great option for those who need a starter kit or are looking for an upgrade.

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