What To Feed A Dog With Diarrhea: Foods To Try

What To Feed A Dog With Diarrhea: Foods To Try

Diarrhea is a common issue faced by many pet owners. It can be caused by stress or an infection, a change in diet, pet food allergies, or a parasite. It can range from mild to severe and can cause dehydration, weight loss, and other medical issues if not addressed properly. Fortunately, there are a number of foods that may help alleviate diarrhea symptoms in your dog. In this article, we will discuss what to feed a dog with diarrhea, foods to try, and other tips for managing the condition.

What To Feed A Dog With Diarrhea: Foods To Trydog feed 1

  • Pumpkin: Rich in dietary fiber, canned pumpkin helps solidify your pup’s stool so it is easier to pass.
  • White Rice: Boiled white rice has a calming effect and also helps bind stools, providing a safe and easy way to get your pup’s digestive system back on track.
  • Boiled Chicken: Low in fat and high in protein, boiled chicken helps to settle your pup’s upset stomach while providing essential amino acids and nutrients.
  • Cottage Cheese: A rich source of calcium, cottage cheese also helps to restore electrolyte balance, allowing your pup to better absorb nutrients.
  • Plain Yogurt: Yogurt with live, active cultures can help restore your dog’s healthy microbiome and reduce gastrointestinal inflammation
  • Boiled Eggs: A great source of protein, boiled eggs can help replace electrolytes lost due to diarrhea.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a great source of insoluble fiber that helps bulk up your pup’s stool and make it easier to pass.
  • Green Beans: Low in fat and high in fiber, green beans are a great source of vitamins and minerals that can promote healing in your pup’s digestive system.
  • Carrots: Carrots are high in both pectin and insoluble fiber, which can help to absorb water and reduce the amount of stool your pup is passing.
  • Applesauce: Applesauce is easy for your pup to digest and can help provide essential vitamins and minerals. It can also help to replace lost electrolytes and aid in restoring your pup’s microbiome.

My Dog Has Diarrhea But is Acting Fine

Diarrhea in dogs is usually a sign of an underlying cause, so it’s important to determine why your dog is having diarrhea and get him evaluated for treatment if needed. If your dog has diarrhea but is otherwise acting normal, it could be due to a digestive upset such as a dietary indiscretion or intestinal parasites. Other causes may include stress, allergies, bacterial or viral infections, organ diseases such as liver disease or pancreatitis, and some medications.

The most important thing to do if your dog has diarrhea but is acting normally is to determine the cause. Have your dog evaluated by a veterinarian if diarrhea persists for more than 24 hours or if it’s accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting, weight loss, fever, or abdominal pain? Your vet may recommend an examination, diagnostic tests such as a fecal examination, and/or a change in diet or medications.

If the diarrhea is mild and self-limiting, it often resolves on its own with supportive care such as intermittent fasting and a bland diet. Offer small amounts of water every few hours to prevent dehydration and offer a bland, easily digestible diet such as boiled chicken and rice. If your dog has a dietary indiscretion, fasting for 8-12 hours prior to reintroducing food may help reduce intestinal irritation and help resolve diarrhea.

It’s important to monitor your dog closely for any signs of worsening symptoms, which could indicate a more serious condition. If the diarrhea worsens, becomes frequent, or persists for more than a few days, contact your vet for an evaluation and appropriate treatment.

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What Causes Diarrhea in Dogsdog feed 2

Diarrhea is a condition that causes loose, watery stools and can be caused by a number of different things, including bacterial or viral infections, dietary issues, parasites, or other health conditions. In dogs, some of the most common causes of diarrhea are:

  • Dietary Issues: Eating things they shouldn’t, overfeeding, sudden changes in diet, and ingestion of spoiled food are common causes of diarrhea in dogs. In addition, sensitivity or allergies to certain types of food can also cause diarrhea.
  • Bacterial and Viral Infections: Infections from bacteria and viruses, such as E. coli, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Giardia, and Clostridium, can all cause diarrhea in dogs.
  • Parasites: Parvo, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, coccidia, and giardia are all parasites that can cause diarrhea in dogs.
  • Intestinal Inflammation (IBD): Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a condition in which the dog’s immune system mistakes its own cells and tissues as foreign invaders and attacks them. This condition can lead to chronic diarrhea.
  • Other Health Conditions: Certain endocrine disorders, liver problems, pancreatic issues, kidney disease, and cancer can all cause diarrhea. In addition, some medications, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and anticonvulsants, can cause the condition.

Best Dry Fog Food for Diarrhea

  • Bananas – Bananas are high in potassium and low in fiber, making them a great choice to help firm up stools and reduce the symptoms of diarrhea.
  • Applesauce – Apples are naturally high in pectin, which helps to improve digestion while also helping to firm up stools. Applesauce is a great choice for those with diarrhea.
  • Rice – Low in fiber, rice is great for slowing down the movement of digested food, as well as to absorb excess water in the bowel. It’s also surprisingly easy to digest.
  • Crackers – Choose plain and unsalted whole wheat or saltine crackers. These snacks help to slow down stomach emptying, which can help reduce diarrhea.
  • Plain Oatmeal – Plain oatmeal is a great food for people with diarrhea. It’s high in soluble fiber, which helps to keep food moving through the intestines more slowly and helps to firm up stool.
  • Cottage Cheese – Cottage cheese is a great source of calcium and protein, and it’s low in fiber, making it a great alternative to other dairy products. It helps slow down the movement of digested food through the intestines.
  • Boiled Potatoes – Boiling potatoes help to create a thick mush that can help to absorb excess water in the stool and help to firm the consistency.
  • Chicken Broth – The chicken broth is excellent for those who are suffering from diarrhea. It helps replace lost fluids and electrolytes, which are essential for proper hydration.

What to Do When Your Dog Has Diarrhea

  • Start by keeping an eye on your dog’s health and change their diet slightly. Offer boiled white rice with boiled chicken as a meal, as this can help settle their stomach and be an easier-to-digest meal.
  • Increase the amounts of water they drink and give them access to fresh, clean water continuously.
  • Offer them small meals frequently instead of one large meal.
  • Take your dog to the vet for a check-up. Your vet can help determine the cause of the diarrhea and make recommendations for treatment.
  • Do not give your dog over-the-counter medications such as Pepto-Bismol, as these can be extremely dangerous.
  • If necessary, your vet may suggest a bland diet with added fiber, electrolytes, and probiotics to help your dog recover.
  • Make sure your dog’s environment is clean. Wash anything that may have come into contact with the diarrhea with hot, soapy water.
  • Monitor your dog’s stools and watch for any signs of dehydration. If your dog’s stool is black, dry, and odorless, or if they are significantly less active than normal, take your dog to the vet immediately.o

What Can I Give My Dog to Stop Diarrhea Fast?dog feed

It is recommended to take your dog to the vet if they have a sudden bout of diarrhea so the underlying cause can be identified. If the vet has determined it is not a serious medical condition and seems to be caused by a dietary indiscretion, then you can try giving some plain, cooked white rice mixed with boiled chicken or meat (lean beef, lamb, or chicken). Make sure there are no seasonings or additional ingredients in the mixture. Feed small amounts and monitor your pet’s condition to see if it helps. If diarrhea persists, contact your vet.

What Home Remedy Can I Give My Dog for Diarrhea?

  • There are numerous home remedies that you can give to your dog for diarrhea, including:
  • Plain-cooked white rice with no added seasonings or additives.
  • Boiled chicken or ground beef with no added seasonings or additives.
  • Bland foods such as boiled potatoes, boiled carrots, and applesauce.
  • Electrolyte or sports drinks such as Gatorade or Pedialyte diluted 50/50 with water.
  • Yogurt or cottage cheese with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Molasses are mixed with water to help coat the stomach.
  • Small amounts of canned pumpkin or canned squash.
  • Boiled beef or chicken broth.
  • Small amounts of canned or fresh pumpkin.
  • Ginger tea.

Homemade Dog Food for Diarrhea

When it comes to making homemade dog food for diarrhea, it’s important to focus on making meals that are easy to digest. Try to include ingredients like cooked white or brown rice, cooked boneless chicken, cooked pumpkin, canned salmon, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Avoid high-fat, greasy, processed, and salty foods.

Remember to feed your pup small meals throughout the day, rather than one large meal. You can serve the food at room temperature, or warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds. Feed your pup about one hour after giving him medication, if applicable.

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Q. What food can I give my dog for diarrhea?

A. White rice and cooked, skinless poultry such as chicken or turkey.

Q. What food will firm up dog poop?

A. Adding canned pumpkin to a dog’s diet can help firm up stools.

Q. Are eggs good for dogs with diarrhea?

A. No, eggs are generally not recommended for dogs with diarrhea.

Q. How much rice to feed a dog with diarrhea?

A. Small amounts of white rice are often recommended to help bind and firm up the stool of a dog experiencing loose stools or diarrhea. However, the exact amount of rice should be tailored to the size and needs of the individual dog. Generally, a teaspoon of cooked white rice per 10 pounds of body weight can be given to a dog suffering from diarrhea.

Q. How long to wait to feed the dog after diarrhea?

A. It is generally recommended to wait 24-48 hours before re-introducing food to a dog that has experienced diarrhea. This gives their digestive system time to rest and recover.

Q. Should You Feed Dogs That Have Diarrhea?

A. No, it is best to withhold food and provide plenty of water while the diarrhea resolves.

Q. Does a Bland Diet Work for Dogs With Diarrhea?

A. Yes, in some cases. Bland diets, such as rice and boiled chicken, may help to reduce the amount of irritation to the stomach and intestines, which can help to alleviate symptoms of diarrhea.


In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what to feed a dog with diarrhea, as every pet’s nutritional needs are different. However, there are some general guidelines to follow when choosing foods to feed to a dog with diarrhea. First, it is best to stick to bland, low-fat options such as boiled potatoes, white rice, oatmeal, and boiled egg whites. Additionally, avoid high-fiber foods and opt for small, easy-to-digest meals. Finally, add in some plain yogurt, lean proteins, and probiotics for extra nutrition and to help soothe the digestive tract. By following the aforementioned tips, you can find the perfect balance between nutrition and digestive health for your pet’s best possible outcome.

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